Travel PR

Travel PR

Travel PR

PR is all about creating mutual understanding between an organisation and its various publics like customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders in a structured, consistent and managed strategy. If you’re not using PR for your travel business, then the question has to be: why? It’s one of the most effective ways of growing in the competitive industry that you’re in.

Just some of the things we help our clients with through PR:

  • Creating PR campaigns to launch a new hotel, travel company or travel service.
  • Developing a PR plan to target a particular niche.
  • Building brand awareness for travel brands to their ideal target audience (trade or consumer).
  • Crafting PR angles to reach our clients ideal audience.
  • Arranging press trips for targeted media.
  • Press release writing and distribution.
  • Social media amplification of the launch of a new travel product or service to a desired market.

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