How to WIN on Instagram with your travel brand

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July 10, 2017
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July 18, 2017

How to WIN on Instagram with your travel brand

Remember the days of using holiday brochures for travel inspiration? Nowadays, we’re far more likely to be inspired by a swoon-worthy destination or hotel on Instagram! It’s so visual and immediate, that customers can go from stunning shot or amazing video to booking in just a few clicks. And travel brands are completely on board, recognising this social platform as the perfect bed-mate for travel. So if you’re yet to clamber aboard or you want to improve the ride, here are our 4 tips to help your travel brand win on Instagram!

  1. No posting without…

As ever, think about your target audience. Every travel brand is (or at least should be!) unique with customers full of individual quirk and character, so when you’re setting up keep them foremost in your mind. But hold your horses there, no posting until you have a clear strategy for not only what you’ll post but when, themes for each week and importantly, how it will be monetised. Now then, you can set up your basics with a good username, profile and bio- remember who you’re talking to here- and make it relevant to your customers, and interesting. As it’s Instagram, it’s all about the photography so make sure your profile pic is up to scrutiny.

  1. Don’t talk to an empty room

The last thing you want is for all your hard work to fall on deaf ears- or zero followers- so it’s time to build engagement and gain some followers! First off, harness the power of your database and let them know about your fantastic new Instagram account, extolling the benefits of following you. Will you be running competitions, sharing amazing destinations that they have to visit? Make the reasons for following you clear, and follow through on your promise. Then make like a social butterfly and get liking, engaging and slowly but surely the pitter patter of followers will be heard behind you!

  1. Make those hearts beat

If you think you can wing Instagram without the quality imagery, then I’m sorry to tell you that you can’t! The whole point of Instagram is sharing awesome images and the stories that come with them. Think about what you like on Instagram, it’s the unique, never before seen stuff that makes you think ‘wow’ and for travel brands, it’s the stuff that makes our heart beat faster and our fingers type faster as we work out where the image is of, and how quickly we can get there. If you’ve got great, original imagery you are well on your way to being way #instacool. And for the captions, keep them short and sweet and remember engagement. Like meeting a new pal at a bar, ask a question or two and get to know each other!

  1. It’s all #instagood

Ah, do you remember life before the hashtag? No, us neither, and we’re so glad because they make life much easier. With a hashtag you can find your group, your gang and your pals. For a travel Instagram page, using hashtags helps users interested in travel to find your post and find you. You get 25 hashtags with Instragram and if you’re smart, you’ll use the lot of them!

If you need help with setting up your travel Instagram, you can book one of our Digital Marketing Audits or join an upcoming social media mastery for travel brands workshop. Oh and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @thetravelmarketer

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