5 Steps to stand out in the competitive travel market

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July 18, 2017
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5 Steps to stand out in the competitive travel market

Happy summer! How many people do you know who are on holiday at the moment? Chances are it’s a lot as the long summer break sees offices empty and airports fill as Brits head abroad for some fun in the sun. But as travel brands, this time of year presents the perfect opportunity to have some empathy for our customers and the difficult decision they have to make when choosing who to trust with their precious annual vacation. The truth is that there is just so much choice. Your job then becomes a lot clearer; you need to make your travel brand stand out and here are 5 tips to help you.

  1. Know your target audience inside out

Unless you have unlimited resources, it’s unlikely that you can make your travel brand appeal to everyone. It’s like the laws of attraction, there are certain characteristics that appeal to certain people at certain times of their life. Knowing your target audience means understanding what they want from your travel brand right at that moment. Is it reliability, is it adventure? Try to be all things to all people and your brand becomes indistinct.

  1. Develop a strong brand identity

Ask 100 people who they might book their holiday with this summer and perennial UK favourite brand BA might be mentioned, perhaps personality infused Virgin or one of the smaller operators who do things on a lesser scale but still understand the intrinsic rules of brand identity. It has to be strong, it has to be consistent and it has to resonate with customers.

  1. What is your distinctly different advantage?

Your distinctly different advantage is like your party trick, it’s your calling card and the thing that your customers will remember you for. What can you do better than all of your competitors? Think about what will make your target audience come back for more and above all make you stand out in the travel market.

  1. Develop a brand story

The brand story is so important for travel brands because it is here that authenticity and depth is created, customers want to not only hear your brand story but become immersed in it and become a part of it. A strong brand story can catapult your travel brand from obscurity into instant recognition and preference.

  1. Stay relevant

To stay visible in the travel market, and visible in the eyes of your customers you have to stay relevant, this means being structured and consistent in your marketing and PR, maintaining effective communication and being on the ball with new innovations that are of interest to your target audience. If you’re not relevant, you’re not even in the race.

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