How to get PR coverage for your travel brand

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September 13, 2017
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How to get PR coverage for your travel brand

You’ve got a great travel brand so why aren’t journalists beating a path to your door to find out more about it? In a nutshell, it’s because they are far too busy and if you want to gain positive, quality PR coverage for your travel brand you’re going to have to be a bit more pro-active about it. Here are some things you should be doing.

Be newsworthy

You might be thrilled that you’ve updated your logo or moved offices, but will journalists? Media outlets are looking for newsworthy items that are of interest to their readers so think of things from the consumer perspective. Your travel brand has won an award for being the best at something, you’re running a competition or event to celebrate the launch of your new website- whatever it is, give it the consumer treatment and this will encourage journalists to pick it up.


For the very reason above, one of the things that journalists are most pleased to hear about are those that are new. New openings are perhaps the crème de la crème but there are always ways of innovating such as with new properties, destinations, services and so forth. And if you have something brand new in travel, then don’t let this precious opportunity go to waste!

Get PR ready

PR is all about telling your story and if you’re going to be pro-active in your PR this means having all of the tools and techniques in place to communicate with the media effectively. High quality imagery, press packs, press releases, and of course, the internal systems to manage the process.

Get in the Travel Media Loop

Journalists are writing articles all the time, and they need information for their pieces from travel brands just like yours. There’s commenting, case studies, press trips, features and more. But how do you get to hear about these opportunities? The Travel Media Loop is a monthly subscription service where you can sign up to hear about travel media opportunities as they arise and put your travel brand forward for them. To win the race, you have to be in the game!

To find out more about The Travel Media Loop please contact Jamie-Lee or 07947 921296

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