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Are you tapping into the black travel market

There is a long-standing stereotype that black people don’t travel abroad or only gravitate to areas like Miami and the Caribbean. The increase in income and education, the rise of social media, and a generation of tech-savvy millennials, are all coming together to create what’s being called the Black Travel Movement.

The growing travel movement is kicking these stereotype’s to the curb, thanks to social media. Emerging online communities like Travel Noire, Nomadness Travel Tribe and Black Adventuristas serve as social platforms for the black travel movement, showcasing black travellers as they explore Morocco, Singapore and other areas off the beaten path, offering an Afro-centric perspective that has been missing from mainstream travel resources.

Predicting trends and positioning our clients to take advantage of them is also key, such as with current partnerships with media to promote black owned and run businesses. With 48 billion spent on travel by African Americans in America alone and 17% of African Americans taking one or more international trips each year, this is a huge growth market.

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