Brand Collaborations

Making your travel brand stand out from the crowd in a hugely competitive marketplace is one of the biggest challenges for travel businesses…

Brand Collaborations is a sure way to differentiate your brand from your competition and reach a larger audience.

A successful brand collaboration depends on both brands being able to benefit from the existing market of the other, or from gaps in the market that can be filled, the key thing is that the two brands are complementary; they have similar values and target audiences but are not competitive. There are huge benefits to be gained, including sharing customer bases, cross-selling, adding interest using the other brand.

We work with clients to develop, manage and execute successful brand collaborations to help them to grow their travel business. We are super passionate about helping travel brands to connect with The Afro-Caribbean travellers as the increase in income and education, the rise of social media and a generation of tech-savvy millennials are all coming together to create what’s being called the Black Travel Movement.  Check out a recent partnership we launched to investigate the travel propensity of this market.

Projects we have worked on: