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What makes us Distinctly Different

Jamie-Lee Abtar is the founder of Be Distinctly Different (www.bedistinctlydifferent.com) a marketing and PR agency that works with travel brands to help them to grow, develop and make more money. Jamie-Lee is one of TTG’s 30 under 30 future travel leaders for 2016/17.

Growing up in Barbados, Jamie-Lee’s passion for the travel industry came with her first job welcoming guests to her island. Jamie-Lee was able to see for the first time what travellers were looking for from their holiday, and her role in helping them to unlock its hidden gems. This natural talent for marketing was honed when Jamie-Lee undertook an MSc Tourism Management &Marketing and with senior post graduate roles with destinations and tourism boards.

As the founder of Be Distinctly Different, Jamie-Lee has poured her knowledge and understanding of the travel industry into helping businesses to succeed in the competitive travel market by achieving the number one goal- differentiation. The Be Distinctly Different team work with hotels, destinations, tour operators, travel start-ups and businesses looking to tap into the travel industry.

Jamie-Lee said: “Travel Marketing is a big part of what we do, identifying profitable target audiences and designing effective campaigns to reach them. PR is one of our favourite tools for building brand awareness and driving sales for our clients.

All key staff are educated to degree level and prior to working agency side at Be Distinctly Different have worked client side, providing a unique perspective of client understanding with agency know how. Be Distinctly Different is also blessed with solid understanding of the issues that face travel and tourism businesses as they seek to develop their products and services.

Jamie-Lee Abtar
CEO & Founder
"For as long as I can remember travel has been a part of life, from a very early age travelling and exploring the Caribbean. This has become the catalyst for my desire to be instrumental in the development of the travel and tourism industry" Consumers these days perceive the world to be a smaller place, with international travel more accessible than ever. As global tourism competition rises, it has become critical to invest in this industry and make focused marketing efforts in order to compete with other brands worldwide. Coupled with my passion, this drove me to start my marketing and PR agency with the aim of helping businesses to find their unique space in the competitive market. A travel and tourism marketing professional with over a decades experience, she was also named as one of the 2016/2017 TTG 30 under 30 future travel leaders.
Kelly Topping
PR Consultant
Kelly Topping, is a marketing and PR specialist with Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Associate status (ACIM), and member status (MCIM). Client side, Kelly has worked across a broad communications spectrum including advertising, direct marketing and PR. In the last decade, Kelly had developed strong relationships with UK travel media, generating over $1 million of coverage (AVE) in the past two years alone, developing communications strategies and tactics that encompass social media, advertising, direct marketing and PR. "Marketing has always been my passion. It allows me to blend the technical aspects of campaigns, the data and the understanding of customers and what they want, with the creative. And it is the creative in which I thrive."
Janelle Edwards
Digital Marketing Consultant
Janelle Edwards, is a certified Market Research Society (UK) member and also a Google Certified Partner, a key distinction in the ever – increasingly digital marketplace – she is the only individual to be awarded that designation in Barbados. Janelle is also a published author, having penned a chapter on the role of technology in the Caribbean tourism, in a text used in tertiary level institutions (Caribbean Tourism Principles and Practice). She regularly guest lectures at the University of the West Indies on ICTs in the tourism and hospitality sector as well as digital distribution.

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