4 ways PR can grow your travel business

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August 14, 2017
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September 13, 2017

4 ways PR can grow your travel business

PR is all about creating mutual understanding between an organisation and its various publics like customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders in a structured, consistent and managed strategy. If you’re not using PR for your travel business, then the question has to be: why? It’s one of the most effective ways of growing in the competitive industry that you’re in. Here are 4 ways you can use PR.

Brand Awareness. When you have all your ducks lined up and your travel service is as good as it can be, the time has come for some PR to really build brand awareness with your potential customers. Good PR will be positive, making use of influencers that are relevant to your target audience, utilising media that your customers consume and will be regular, quality coverage that builds over time into increased brand awareness.

Build Credibility. Trust is key for any brand, but particularly for travel with it being such an emotionally driven, high-involvement purchase. Through PR a travel brand can develop their voice within the industry, influencing various stakeholders who can have a positive impact upon the company. Attracting the best staff, developing trust with customers, becoming an attractive proposition for investment; many growth strategies hinge on the type of credibility that comes from effective PR.

Reputation management. Now more than ever, travel businesses are called upon to be transparent and fully engaged with their customers through both good times and bad. PR can be used to develop a strong reputation but it’s just as important to have plans in place to communicate effectively with stakeholders during times of crises.

Changing perceptions. Negative attitudes and perceptions can be held for many, many reasons and not always accurately. There are negative perceptions attached to certain destinations, to particular styles of holiday and often these are wider societal perceptions that have nothing at all to do with the travel brand. Yet, they are still a barrier to growth. PR can be an extremely effective way to challenge negative perceptions that stakeholders may have, as part of a larger PR strategy.

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